Top 5 best 2-man ladder stands with Pros and Cons

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2-man ladder stands

These ladder stands protects hunters from predators and other ground dangers as they provide a height (they are mostly secure with a tree). These stands are hunter’s best accessory for safe hunting and can be very effective as these helps make hunters a precise shot due to height and free from all dangers. There are many kinds of ladder stands out of which below 3 best 2-man stands are briefly discussed:

  • Rivers Edge RE649

One thing that this ladder stand does not exclude is being spacious. It has so much room for many things like it provide an elbow space, leg room and you can easily move in the ladder. It is durable and light and is able to withhold gales, thunderstorms and adverse climatic conditions. This stand keeps you safe and is 100% reliable. The materials are high quality thus providing you with extreme durability and is easy to setup. Overall this is a perfect ladder with minor cons.

Read more about Rivers Edge RE649 from the given link:

1. Even though it is already spacious, the seats can be expanded for more extra room.
2. The design is eye-catching.
3. It has an easy setup.
4. It is durable, high quality and light.
1. The covers of seat are thin and can get uncomfortable.
2. The seats are unable to be flipped upwards.
  • Primal Tree Stands

This is a family friendly ladder stand, if you want to take your kids out for hunting then this is the perfect ladder to choose. It provides extra comfort as it has the back seats which can be flipped up for comfort and resting, furthermore, this 2-man stand provides great elevation for purpose of protection. This stand is attached to a tree which makes it more stable, safe and reliable and also comes with an innovative jaw which has locks that ground and fixes the wanted height firmly. It also has a truss stabilizer system which helps the ladder stand to be securely attached to the tree providing more stability.

1. The back is comfortable.
2. For extra comfort, the seats can be flipped up.
3. It is the most stable ladder stand due to truss stabilizer systems and innovative jaw.
4. Bolts are perfectly lined up.
1. The setup is slightly complicated and difficult.
  • Muddy MLS2800

This 2-man tree stand is perfect in terms of stability and agility. It is also very spacious and has elbow room and legroom, the back is soothing due to seats being able to be flipped upwards. This is also perfect for bow and arrow shooters. It is high quality, durable and easy to setup. This 2-man stand is one of the favorites of most of the traditional hunters. 

1. For accurate shots it has a soothing back and elbow room.
2. For full footrest use, the gun rest is able to be flipped backwards.
3. Spacious.
4. Durable and light.
5. Easy setup.
1. Materials are heavy.
2. Less height.