Suzuki Vitara – A Perfect All Purpose Car

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If your budget is tight and you are looking for a vehicle of SUV type to fulfill your daily commute and other purposes, the Suzuki Vitara is the vehicle made for you.  More or less, this vehicle serves all the primary purpose of an elite SUV.

At the front of the car it highlights the sporty aspect, the beautiful red trims infuse a little bit of color into the Suzuki Vitara pointed headlights and a couple of overturned haze lights make it a very cool and elegant looking car.

Engine and performance

The steering wheel of Suzuki Vitara is extremely light and driving around the town is not a hard work as not much effort is required for it. With that stated, Suzuki Vitara is heavier than a normal average city car, therefore, it isn’t the quickest to change directions and leans into corners often. The five seated Vitara comes with diverse transmission settings which enable you to adjust your car to best fit your driving style or adjust to a specific type of road, for e.g. a road with a steep slope. Selecting Auto when you’re traveling on the motorway or highways sets the Vitara into a fuel-saving permanent two-wheel-drive mode. Other modes just help you get the full experience of Suzuki Vitara driving to the fullest, different driving modes provides an opportunity to the driver to select the one which suits best for the driver.

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Comfort and interior

The Suzuki Vitara is car which guarantees 100% comfort while driving it whether it is road trip to other states, off road driving or just a trip to the grocery store. All models have very minimum to none vibrations and sounds while when driving on highways or motorways this helps you to concentrate more as the minimal noise it produces wont distract you, however, the roads  also plays a major element in peaceful driving as bumpy roads will make the car to not be as smooth making it a little tiresome. In the SZ-T model, interior is stitched white, this brings some vibrant colors to the interior making it look extremely attractive from the inside as well as outside.

Practicality and space

The doors of the Suzuki Vitara are extremely handy and they operate with very minimum force. Getting in the car is done with extreme ease regardless of weight and size as the doors open to a 90 degree angle making ample room for people to get in the car very easily. Even though the seating of the car is slightly elevated just as the SUVs but there have been no complains even from elders in getting into the car. Suzuki Vitara provides the drivers as well as the passengers with ample leg room, all models have adjustable steering wheel to accommodate the driver’s comfort and not to mention the seats are also adjustable in all models to accommodate with your height. Being an SUV, It’s a car with sizeable body so parking could be troublesome in a congested spot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. What are the safety features in Suzuki Vitara?

Suzuki Vitara is an extremely safe car with many safety resources and precautions for example 8 airbags, seatbelts, child locks,3-point ELR (emergency locking retractor) and more.

  • What are other variants of Suzuki Vitara?

Altogether there are three variants of Suzuki Vitara

  1. 3 door
  2. 5 door
  3. 5 door top
  • Is Suzuki Vitara fuel efficient?

Yes Suzuki vitara is fuel efficient, as it has mild-hybrid technology which helps in fuel saving which in turn helps you to save your money.