Juvederm Voluma- Warnings, Side Effects & Pain

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Juvederm Voluma is the best anti aging filler available in the market, however, once my aunt used Juvederm Formula but the professional who applied it in the skin of my aunt made an error which resulted in my aunt having an infection and it led to days of infection treatment, luckily she was able to fight out the infection but below few warnings, side effects and pain it may cause has been briefly discussed after thorough research by me as it may help you or your beloved family member or colleague who wishes to use Juvederm Voluma to have handful knowledge of the repercussions it can lead to, therefore, a little care of this wonderful anti aging treatment can be so worthy.

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Juvederm Voluma Warnings

  • Make sure you go to a professional, as this SHOULD NOT BE INJECTED IN A BLOOD VESSEL as this can cause many massive problems. One of the problems is vascular embolization, which has many severe side effects like internal bleeding in your brain, an infection, a stroke and damage to the artery to name a few. If God forbid it is inserted into a blood vessel it can cause infarction and even blindness as well, therefore, make sure that you go to a well reputed licensed doctor or applicator
  • This is more of a general warning but make sure that that the your Juvederm Voluma is not expired as it is not good medically to used expired products.
  • Make sure that your age is acceptable and is between 35 and 65. Ages under 18 are not safe ethically and legally and the safety is not confirmed for people from under 35 so it would be very risky.
  • The safety of applying of Juvederm Voluma anywhere else other than facial area has not been established so make sure you apply Juvederm Voluma in face and not anywhere else.
  • Make sure you are free of these conditions
  • Pregnant
  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Patient with keloid formation
  • Patient with hypertrophic scarring
  • If your skin has severe problems or is abnormally sensitive, this can cause great inflammatory to your skin.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to fillers and similar types of substances.

Side effects of Juvederm Voluma

Even though Juvederm Voluma enjoys its superiority amongst other fillers, it is not prone to having side effects just like any other medical gel. However, the side effects are minor and can be prevented easily. Some of the most common side effects include

  • Swelling or inflammation.
  • Itchiness or discomfort.
  • Redness.
  • Bruises and pain.
  • Discoloration.


As I mentioned earlier that the side effects are mild and can be prevented if one is careful and take precautions. Here are some precautionary measures

  • Avoid contacting, touching, rubbing, scratching the area where Juvederm Voluma is applied as it can dislocate the filler and cause all sorts of problems.
  • Do not exercise as it can cause you to sweat, and sweat can cause disturbance to the filler and there can be a chance of your skin breaking out.
  • Avoid makeup and skincare as it may irritate your skin and cause a breakout.
  • Apply icing to the area where the filler was injected as it can reduce inflammation.
  • Do not go out in the extremely hot scorching sun at least for the next 24 hours.