How to Backpack Across Germany.

It’s about last summer when our group of friends decided to explore Germany. The country was on our bucket list for quite a long. We were only waiting for our finals to end. As soon as our finals ended, we decided to backpack. We had searched about Germany for quite a long. Therefore, we knew a trip via road would be the best short.

It is not a hidden fact that Germany is famous for its cool cities and good beer or fast cars. But there is a lot more the beautiful country has to offer. For instance, historical towns, fascinating castles, fairy-tale forests, picture-perfect mountains as well as beaches.

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Therefore, we took our maps, carried all the necessary items, and made sure to update our places-to-visit list as it was going to be a fun-filled, adventurous trip. But before hitting the road, we made sure to double-check our automobiles. That’s where we got in trouble.

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We wanted to visit all the major tourist attractions primarily. So, we went to Munich. It is the capital of Bavaria and is popular for Bavarian Alps as well as the Romantic Road. The picturesque hidden gems are one of the beautiful places you will visit in Germany.

We also stopped by the medieval monasteries and fascinating castles along the way. However, we were amazed to see all the tiny yet beautiful towns. One of my favorite towns was Wurzburg and Bamburg there!

Backpacking in Germany during September or October is the best as you’d get to experience the world-famous festival, Oktoberfest. Therefore, we also planned our backpacking trip accordingly. Let me tell you, we never had more fun time before in our life.

The carnival is famous for three-week beer drinking and yes you’d only have to be in Germany for this as the festival is all free! We were super excited to see all the big beer companies’ tents outside. The overall atmosphere and ambiance were remarkable.

We had the best time of our lives with everyone out there. It was a wonderful day filled with drinking and signing. The carnival was surely one of the highlights of our journey, for all good reasons!

Our next stop was the fairy tale, Black Forest. I have been to numerous forests but I have never seen such dark green pine forests ever before! The cuckoo clocks and the yummiest black forest cake was one of my favorite part of visiting the Black forest.

As we were exploring the magnificent Black Forest, our car betrayed us. Thankfully, it was a minor problem and we got it solved via Kfzteile24 services.

We also used the Kfzteile24 gutscheincode to lower the amount on our online purchase. Therefore, if you are thinking to explore Germany via road then don’t think twice. Because you can avail of premium quality car services in no-time flat!