Best Cleaning Kits for Shotguns

Importance of Cleaning Kits for Shotguns

Ever since I was 10 years old I started to get obsessed with guns and its equipment’s so on my 23rd birthday my parents finally gifted me a shotgun. I was overwhelmed and it got me very excited, first six months after my 23rd birthday I frequently went to the shooting range near my house and used the gun, the experience was truly amazing till the last time I went there and it started to show some malfunctions. My shotgun wasn’t shooting accurately, the bullets were not exiting like before, the gun making a weird sound while shooting and it became overall difficult and strange as it was the first time my shotgun showed some issues.

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Later I took my gun to a professional, he dissected my gun and showed me ounces of dirt, containment s and residues inside my gun which was the reason it was malfunctioning. He then recommended me many items like a cleaning rod, lubes, cloths, cleaning agents, anti-rusting agents and similar products for cleaning and proper maintenance of my shotgun and it became quite stressful for me.

I went home and researched about the shotgun cleaning kits; these are the kits in which the items he recommended me were all complied together in one kit which made my life easier to purchase one kit rather than buying everything separately. But as I searched more about these cleaning kits for shotguns, I saw many of them with many different items and overall different features and I finally ended up purchasing Real Avid AVGCK310-S which is what I use to clean my shotgun and I haven’t had any problems with it till date, however, I also came across many different good shotgun kits so I decided to give my review on Real Avid AVGCK310-S as I have my hands on experience over it and also give you some other recommendations to make your purchase easier.

Real Avid AVGCK310-S

As I aforementioned that this is what I use to clean my shotgun and I am very happy with the purchase for many reasons as I shall tell you. The immediate advantage of this shotgun kit is that it isn’t too heavy on your pocket making this budget friendly so you get a high quality shotgun cleaning kit with many items with reasonable price. The kit offers 7 high quality cleaning rods with attaching tips to make single huge cleaning rod up to 33 Inches which is perfect in my case as my personal shotgun has a long barrel. The kit also offers 50 cleaning patches for you to clean or polish the surface of your shotgun, it also comes with thread adapter which is a great option as it mops and brushes so that you can remove dirt, residue or containment in the shotgun. Furthermore, it also has a T-shaped handler for your cleaning rod which provides a firm grip which makes the cleaning process easier.

Other Recommendations

  • Hoppe’s SGO12B Clamshell
  • Sage & Braker Cleaning Kit
  • Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E
  • SPIKA Compact Cleaning Kit

Best Features of Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender

  • Blade and Motor

Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender has a very effective and impressive motor; specifically the 2.2-peak hp motor is very efficient when it comes to blending. Not only does it ensure a great blend but also ensures that all the hard ingredients like almonds and nuts etc. would be chopped, crushed and blended perfectly, similarly, the blades are made with sturdy stainless steel. The blade is also sharp enough to chop, crush and cut hard food items quickly as well (it depends on the speed level set by the user).

  • Variable Speed & Pulse

For any desired texture one needs a speed consistency, therefore, Vitamix E320 Explorian provides you with a 10 diverse options for speed. This enables you to make anything you want with the perfect texture for e.g. if you are making thick soup you would want to keep the rotation slow so that it stays thick and creamy and on the other hand if you want a nice cold beverage you would want to crush the ice at full speed so that the drink has the ice blended in and is thin over all. Other than the ten buttons there is an eleventh switch which is the Pulse button.

  • Self-clean

This blender has a feature that enables itself to be cleaned up. Just add a drop of soap, dish soap, detergent, etc. and a glass of warm water then press the pulse button, wait for 1 minute or 2 maximum, the blender will wash and rinse itself automatically and save you from the hassle and time.

Things to know before purchasing Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender

  • Design

If you are one of those people who like their kitchen to be top notch with classy and modern looking appliances then this blender won’t disappoint you as the design of this blender is good. The price is budget friendly and it offers a very good design with a good size of wider container which will make the blended stuff be taken out from it rather easily as compared to many other blenders.

  • Color options

If red and black are not your favorite colors then you might want to reconsider purchasing this Vitamix E320 Explorian blender as it comes in only these two colors. Again, if color matter to you over performance and features than you might want to reconsider purchasing this blender, if these two colors do not go with your kitchen (which is unlikely as black goes with everything).

  • The Noise Level

As the motor of this blender has power of 2.2hp it means it has a powerful motor, but surprisingly this doesn’t make much noise as compared to other blenders, however, this cannot be termed as a sound proof blender so again before purchasing this you should make sure whether you will be able to adjust to the noise level as for many people it can cause distress, therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Best Duck Call for Beginners

What is a duck call?

A duck call is a device or a gadget which function is to mock a sound of a duck, this makes the duck come towards them. It is a hunting tool which many hunters use in rain forests or in habitats of ducks. A duck call is usually difficult to control and master, so I will be listing top two duck calls for beginners which are widely used by hunters and especially by those who has just started hunting ducks.

  1. Duck Commander Triple Threat

This is by far the most used and most appreciated duck call for beginners. One of the best quality is the triple-reed design which is perfect for beginners as it gives more control to the novice and makes it easier to call. This triple threat duck commander is highly used as it is easily cleaned, tuned and operated, these small things makes this duck call a very popular one among beginners. In terms of durability, it is waterproof which makes it excellent as water is a main element of a duck call. The poly carbonate design makes this duck call very durable as it is rigid and won’t break easily which is usually the case in most of the duck calls. This design also has an added advantage as it is also effective in long range. Duck Commander Triple Threat is designed specifically for mallards which is the most famous duck for hunters, mallards are usually everywhere and are usually in large groups so one call would bring many mallards. The only issue in duck call is its price as this falls into the category of expensive duck calls for beginners but many people still buy this as this is easier to operate and provides quick results. The tone is easily adjustable to any situation or scenario and since this has triple-reed, however, only two sticks are realistically used to produce the sound of a duck.

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  1. Echo Calls Diamond wood Timbers Double Reed Duck Call

You get to understand the name once you see its picture. This is one of the most underrated duck calls not only for beginners but overall it is truly one of the best and effective duck calls available for beginners. This is a wooden duck call and like all of the wooden duck calls this one is prone from swelling and shirking due to excessive moisture content that lasts few seasons. Just like Duck Commander Triple Threat, this one is also a mallard duck caller and is perfect for beginners. Another famous quality that this duck call possesses is that it is not only restricted to beginners but professionals and trainers also use this regularly, however, due to the double-reed design it makes it easier to control and master it.  This duck call creates a sound which is irresistible to ducks, it sounds very mellow and soft and doesn’t cause irritation to humans either, this duck call is also able to produce powerful and strong duck calls as a hail. This is mainly manufactured with timber but comes in various types of woods.