Best Duck Call for Beginners

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What is a duck call?

A duck call is a device or a gadget which function is to mock a sound of a duck, this makes the duck come towards them. It is a hunting tool which many hunters use in rain forests or in habitats of ducks. A duck call is usually difficult to control and master, so I will be listing top two duck calls for beginners which are widely used by hunters and especially by those who has just started hunting ducks.

  1. Duck Commander Triple Threat

This is by far the most used and most appreciated duck call for beginners. One of the best quality is the triple-reed design which is perfect for beginners as it gives more control to the novice and makes it easier to call. This triple threat duck commander is highly used as it is easily cleaned, tuned and operated, these small things makes this duck call a very popular one among beginners. In terms of durability, it is waterproof which makes it excellent as water is a main element of a duck call. The poly carbonate design makes this duck call very durable as it is rigid and won’t break easily which is usually the case in most of the duck calls. This design also has an added advantage as it is also effective in long range. Duck Commander Triple Threat is designed specifically for mallards which is the most famous duck for hunters, mallards are usually everywhere and are usually in large groups so one call would bring many mallards. The only issue in duck call is its price as this falls into the category of expensive duck calls for beginners but many people still buy this as this is easier to operate and provides quick results. The tone is easily adjustable to any situation or scenario and since this has triple-reed, however, only two sticks are realistically used to produce the sound of a duck.

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  1. Echo Calls Diamond wood Timbers Double Reed Duck Call

You get to understand the name once you see its picture. This is one of the most underrated duck calls not only for beginners but overall it is truly one of the best and effective duck calls available for beginners. This is a wooden duck call and like all of the wooden duck calls this one is prone from swelling and shirking due to excessive moisture content that lasts few seasons. Just like Duck Commander Triple Threat, this one is also a mallard duck caller and is perfect for beginners. Another famous quality that this duck call possesses is that it is not only restricted to beginners but professionals and trainers also use this regularly, however, due to the double-reed design it makes it easier to control and master it.  This duck call creates a sound which is irresistible to ducks, it sounds very mellow and soft and doesn’t cause irritation to humans either, this duck call is also able to produce powerful and strong duck calls as a hail. This is mainly manufactured with timber but comes in various types of woods.