Best Cleaning Kits for Shotguns

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Importance of Cleaning Kits for Shotguns

Ever since I was 10 years old I started to get obsessed with guns and its equipment’s so on my 23rd birthday my parents finally gifted me a shotgun. I was overwhelmed and it got me very excited, first six months after my 23rd birthday I frequently went to the shooting range near my house and used the gun, the experience was truly amazing till the last time I went there and it started to show some malfunctions. My shotgun wasn’t shooting accurately, the bullets were not exiting like before, the gun making a weird sound while shooting and it became overall difficult and strange as it was the first time my shotgun showed some issues.

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Later I took my gun to a professional, he dissected my gun and showed me ounces of dirt, containment s and residues inside my gun which was the reason it was malfunctioning. He then recommended me many items like a cleaning rod, lubes, cloths, cleaning agents, anti-rusting agents and similar products for cleaning and proper maintenance of my shotgun and it became quite stressful for me.

I went home and researched about the shotgun cleaning kits; these are the kits in which the items he recommended me were all complied together in one kit which made my life easier to purchase one kit rather than buying everything separately. But as I searched more about these cleaning kits for shotguns, I saw many of them with many different items and overall different features and I finally ended up purchasing Real Avid AVGCK310-S which is what I use to clean my shotgun and I haven’t had any problems with it till date, however, I also came across many different good shotgun kits so I decided to give my review on Real Avid AVGCK310-S as I have my hands on experience over it and also give you some other recommendations to make your purchase easier.

Real Avid AVGCK310-S

As I aforementioned that this is what I use to clean my shotgun and I am very happy with the purchase for many reasons as I shall tell you. The immediate advantage of this shotgun kit is that it isn’t too heavy on your pocket making this budget friendly so you get a high quality shotgun cleaning kit with many items with reasonable price. The kit offers 7 high quality cleaning rods with attaching tips to make single huge cleaning rod up to 33 Inches which is perfect in my case as my personal shotgun has a long barrel. The kit also offers 50 cleaning patches for you to clean or polish the surface of your shotgun, it also comes with thread adapter which is a great option as it mops and brushes so that you can remove dirt, residue or containment in the shotgun. Furthermore, it also has a T-shaped handler for your cleaning rod which provides a firm grip which makes the cleaning process easier.

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