5 Exercises That You Can Do On The Best Treadmill Under Bed

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Do you hate running on a treadmill? Guess what? I am not a big fan myself. This blog is about 5 exercises that you can do on a treadmill and get them down without running. So, each workout will be 45 seconds long and you get to have 15 seconds of rest between each exercise. These exercises will work on your total body, these will work on your legs, your core, and also your upper body. All you need is a good working and best compact treadmill under the bed and you can enjoy working out using all these variations incorporated in your daily workout routine. Check out https://thebikersride.com/best-compact-treadmill-under-bed/.

Let’s get started:

1. Side Shuffle

The first exercise is a side shuffle. It’s the easiest one. All you need to do is to shuffle from the left side to the right side and so do it for 20 seconds and then turn around and do it from right to left. If you want you can just walk or just get on your toes from side to side. This exercise is felt on the outside of your thighs as well as the inner side of your thighs.

2. Walking Lunges

Take a 15-sec break and start doing walking lunges. Left leg forward and then right leg forward and keep doing it at a speed of 1.5 km per hour. The goal is to really bring your knee down as close as you can to the treadmill and push up with your heels. Repeat this process for 45 seconds and then move on to the next exercise. So, if you have. Small space, doing lunges on your treadmill is a really convenient option.

3. Walking Planks

Getting the best compact treadmill under bed can really help you work out and also makes it interesting. The next workout is walking planks. Keep your both hands on the treadmill keep your hands in the plank’s position and just walk with your left arm and right arm forward and backward vice versa. Hold your plank position, tighten your core and keep your plank position. This workout is especially for the mid-section of the body.                           

4. Mountain Climbers

Get your hands on the ground and your legs on the treadmill. The goal is to bring your knees closer to your belly one by one. Do it a rapid motion – knee to belly and then another knee to belly. See? How a treadmill can help you make your workout routine interesting. For more info, visit https://thebikersride.com/best-compact-treadmill-under-bed/.

5. Pull-Ups

Rest it out and then get on the treadmill and stop it completely. The next exercise is pull up which is really easy and for that, you need to get on the sides of the treadmill while keeping your upper body below the front end of the treadmill. Grab the front bar on the treadmill and start doing pull-ups. This exercise is especially for your mid-back. When you are in a plank position, keep your back flat. The incline mountain climber will really work on your core and even more on your upper body.